Axe throwing in Israel
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Axe throwing
Tel Aviv

A new entertainment experience in the heart of Tel Aviv: An Axe Throwing Bar. Enjoy 9 open throwing lanes, a VIP room with 2 expanded lanes, a sitting bar featuring a variety of beers, finger foods, and great music.

Fun? Sport? Both!


A variety of professional throwing axes, shuriken and knives. There is something for everyone.


No less than 14 (!) different types of bottled beer in our bar, have a drink while throwing an axe with friends.


A surprising selection of seasonal finger food, including pizza (Incl. GF & VG), and popcorn with free refills.


23 Carlebach St., Tel Aviv

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Opening hours

Sun-Thu: 18:30-23:00
Sat: 19:00-23:00

Private events for companies and large groups

Whether it’s a company fun day, a bachelor party or a birthday party, Axe & Co. offers you an unusual experience that will be talked about long after the event is over. Leave details about your event, and a representative of Axe & Co. will get back to you as soon as possible.

Companies that have already hit the bullseye

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כתוב את הכותרת כאן

Choose your favorite throwing gear

We offer a diverse range of throwing gear to enhance your experience. Our selection of throwing tools has been carefully curated and includes a variety of axes sanctioned by the World Axe Throwing League (WATL), knives approved for use in the World Knives Throwing League (WKTL), as well as a selection of shurikens from reputable brands like Cold Steel, AceJet, and Smith & Wesson.


Ninja star

Throwing card


Some of you may be confused, after all, we are bringing something new to Israel. We have collected the most common questions that we are asked so you will remain sharp.

What to wear?

Throwing is allowed only while wearing closed and flat shoes (you can also rent shoes at our bar). In addition, it is recommended to come with loose clothes that will allow a range of movement. A t-shirt with long or short sleeves is an excellent choice.

Isn't it dangerous?

We know that throwing axes and ninja stars is not exactly something you do every day, so we adhere to strict safety rules. All participants go through dedicated training before throwing in order to ensure a successful throw and of course – a safe throw. Several instructors are present in the facility at all times to ensure compliance with safety rules. In addition, we invested a lot in the complex and all the throwing lanes were built according to the World Axe Throwing League standards in order to provide a safe throwing environment. If you follow the rules, it is a very safe sport and experience.

Isn't it difficult?

Not really. Most throwers manage to stick the axe in the target in less than 30 throws. There is no need to apply force, and the weight of the axe is slightly more than one kilogram, so that anyone can throw successfully. In addition, our instructors will accompany you and correct your technique in order to make sure that you take control of things quickly.

Are you open on weekends?

We’re closed on Fridays but open on Saturdays from 19:00-23:00.